1. What happens during an introductory meeting?

Before I go for a walk with your dog or take care of your pet, I first make an appointment with you for a no-obligation and free introductory meeting. During this conversation you can make your wishes known, the possibilities are discussed and you can immediately see if your pet and I have a click. When you decide to leave the care of your pet to me, an agreement and key contract will be signed and you will receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions.

2. What is the walking area of ​​the dog walking service?

The working area is Bussum, Blaricum, Laren, Naarden, Huizen and Hilversumse meent. In this area we pick up the dogs and walk with them, so that they are on the bus as short as possible and can walk and play with each other.

3. What are the walking times?

Walking times dog walk service:

Morning shift 9.30-10.30

Afternoon shift 12.00-13.00


Weekend walk Saturday & Sunday:
11.00-12.00 uur

4. Can all dogs come along?

I do not take fighting dog breeds such as bull terriers (and crosses thereof), but dominant dogs of other breeds can also be refused. We also only take castrated and sterilized dogs to prevent unrest in the walking group. Furthermore, your dog must be able to walk freely, know the basic commands, be social to people and other animals and fully vaccinated.

5. Do the dogs also receive VIP treatment?

Naturally, both, the owner and the dog (s), receive a VIP treatment. After all, we stand for good service and safety of your dog. The dogs are real princes and princesses with us, for example, do they not want to be on the back of the bus? No problem! May they either in the open part with the other dogs or do they come in the front. We also have a mobile dog shower with us, so the paws, as soon as they are very dirty, can take a nice shower. We have a very nice walking group and all dogs can get along well, because we select for that. With the warm weather (or the thunderstorm) we walk shorter and we regularly check with all dogs if it goes well on the bus and, if necessary, we refill the water troughs in the bus. We always keep the owners informed and send them a nice photo/video of their pet every now and then.

6. From what age can your dog walk with the dog walking service?

Due to the bone growth of the dog, it is very wise to wait up to 8 months before they can walk with the dog walking service.

7. Can I feed my dog ​​before the walk?

We strongly advise against feeding your dog before our walk due to stomach torsion. This can occur with all ages and dog breeds. So be careful!